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Caremark Services Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Business Intelligence technologies.

Our emphasis is on the proper and appropriate application of these superior and cost effective technologies to your business problems.




Caremark consultants are highly experienced and conversant not only with technology but also well versed in business issues and sound business practices.

Often, consultants and consulting organizations focus purely on the technology. Technology, in and of itself, is not the complete solution to most business challenges. Even vendors of software and hardware would have you believe their products alone will solve all of your problems. Poppycock!! Caremark integrates the proper technologies with solid business acumen and insight to ensure you meet your goals.




Pragmatic Works is the pre-eminent provider of Software Development Toolsets, Training and Solutions to Microsoft technology customers. Pragmatic Works' innovative products, solutions and training for data platforms dramatically enhances your ability to deliver solutions.

Driven by their dynamic, genius CEO, Brian Knight, Pragmatic Works counts Caremark Services as one of their valued Partners. This relationship allows us to quickly and efficiently tap into Pragmatic Works' resources, as appropriate, for your projects.


Founded and run by another dynamic genius leader, Rob Collie, powerpivot(pro) is at the cutting edge of impactful analytics and the new way to attack Business Intelligence.

Through powerpivot(pro)'s rigorous testing, Caremark's Don Schulze has qualified as an independent powerpivot(pro) Principal Consultant. This appointment reflects our ability to bring to you a whole new and exciting way to approach and execute Business Intelligence projects. In addition, we have the ability to bring in additional powerpivot(pro) Consulting Team members as appropriate. That's a staggering capability!

Transform your business analytics reporting with Microsoft's PowerPivot and Power BI now!

To email Don Schulze at powerpivot(pro):

don @ powerpivotpro.com